Variable Speed Motors (5, 10, 40, 50, 150, 2500 RPM)
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worm gear motor 12v/24v
115v variable speed PMDC motor
This compact brushless DC
gear motor is available at 12 or
24vdc.  Speed is adjustable and
the controller is integrated.  Two
special thin wires are provided
for reverse rotation.
This is a brand new electric gear
motor that has an extremely high
torque and is equipped with a
wireless controller.
Wireless Remote Control 12v dc gear motor
Wireless Remote Control 12v dc gear motor
Brushless Gear Motor, Variable Speed 150RPM
Brushless Gear Motor, Variable Speed 40RPM
This is a variable speed, 12v
bldc gear motor with an
integrated controller.  We
include a power adapter for
you so you may run this
motor from a 115/230vac
outlet. 40RPM Max.
This variable speed gear
motor is similar to PN00309
except the gear box reduction
is different so the motor is
able to output 150 RPM.  The
brushless dc motor is based
on 12v and a power adapter
is included so one can run
this motor through a standard
115vac or 230vac, single
phase outlet.
Variable Speed Brushless 12V DC Gear Motor
Remote Controlled Brush 12V DC Gear Motor
Rotisserie Spit Motor Variable Speed 10RPM
Due to its low speed property
and its variable speed feature.  
This motor is ideal for low speed
rotisserie application.  Other
applications include conveyor
system, display turntable, and
welding turntable.
WONDERMOTOR Rotisserie Motor

With its variable speed control, this rotisserie motor gives BBQ rotisserie a new meaning!

Category: Rotisserie Motor
Product #: PN00211
Price: $170.00
Available from: WONDERMOTOR
Condition: New condition In stock.
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Due to its low 5RPM speed, this
motor is perfect for applications
such as a rotisserie system,
conveyor, display or welding
turntable, and more.  12v means
this motor can be operated at a
remote area by a 12v battery
without worrying about looking
for an outlet
12V DC BBQ Rotisserie Spit Motor 5RPM